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Heart's Song
by Aaron Gansky, Kaye Morrison

Faced with the impending death of his best friend, Geoff Morris wonders if there is life beyond rock and roll. Through the highs and lows of his band, his dead-end job, his frustration with his lack of direction and inspiration, he rediscovers an old friend from college. Emily Amherst is grateful for Geoff’s assistance in recovering from a personal disaster and rewards him by awakening a passion that has lain dormant within him since he moved to LA, away from family and friends, to pursue his career as a rock superstar. But is their budding relationship enough to weather the trials of an internet romance and continual, unceasing personal tragedy?


Heart’s Song is love letters in the modern age via email, text, and video chat with some live action in between. Rock and Roll meets conservative grace. A mix of wonderfully crafted words and deep layers of real life truths. Geoff and Emily will live in the reader’s heart long after they read the last line.—Cindy Ervin Huff, blogger, reviewer and author of Secrets and Charades


Rock and roll romance is more than a subtitle: it’s the perfect metaphor for Heart’s Song, a story about the great love two people can find when they start to actually listen to each other’s dreams. Heart’s Song is told through their modern-day letters to one another. These epistles are the heart of this story--a true, honest look at how love develops and perseveres through the hardest times. –Lindsey Brackett, author of Still Waters


Kaye Morrison is the chosen pen name for Cindy K. Sproles. Cindy chose to use a pen name on this romance novel simply to keep the branding of her Appalachian Novels separate. 

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