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Turning Personal Experiences into Parables: Writing Devotions for Impact
by Cindy Sproles & Eddie Jones

Kindle edition

Have you ever wished you could write a devotion but didn't know how? Do you feel as though God is calling you to a writing ministry but you're not sure how to begin?

“When you write for God, and you really mean it… your work may never show up on the shelves at Lifeway. It may never find its way into bound print at all. But when you write for God, when you write with the heart of a servant…you may find that your words are only meant for the guy sitting next to you. If you can accept this…live with it…grasp it…then you can write for God as a ministry.” - Alton Gansky

In Turning Personal Experiences into Parables, you will learn how to write devotions for church newsletters, periodicals, websites and books. A devotional ministry can complement the advancement of a building campaign, mission work and church projects. Learn how to draw readers in with the “Hook, Book, Look, Took” method: a time-tested technique used by best-selling authors. See how to "Write From Your Wound to Their Pain," craft stories with the authority, speak as a prophet of God, discover your writing ministry, learn the six key secrets every successful writer knows, and much more.

For some, a devotion may be their only Bible for the day, so learn how to touch hearts, teach His Word and change lives.

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