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Mercy's Rain An Appalachian Novel
by Cindy K. sproles

*Selah Finalist   *Silver Medal Illumination Awards
Foreword Reviews’ 2015 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award Finalist


When your life is built around a father's wrath, how can you trust in the love of Father God?


Mercy Roller knows her name is a lie: there has never been any mercy in her young life. Raised by a twisted and abusive father who called himself the Pastor, she was abandoned by the church community that should have stood together to protect her from his evil. Her mother, consumed by her own fear and hate, won't stand her ground to save Mercy either.

The Pastor has robbed Mercy of innocence and love, a husband and her child. Not a single person seems capable of standing up to the Pastor's unrestrained evil. So Mercy takes matters into her own hands.

Her heart was hardened to love long before she took on the role of judge, jury, and executioner of the Pastor. She just didn't realize the retribution she thought would save her, might turn her into the very thing she hated most.

Sent away by her angry and grieving mother, Mercy's path is unclear until she meets a young preacher headed to counsel a pregnant couple. Sure that her calling is to protect the family, Mercy is drawn into a different life on the other side of the mountain where she slowly discovers true righteousness has nothing evil about it--and that there might be room for her own stained and shattered soul to find shelter. . . and even love.

Mercy's Rain is a remarkable historical novel set in 19th century Appalachia that traces the thorny path from bitterness to forgiveness and reveals the victory and strength that comes from simple faith.

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Look who’s endorsing the book:

“Cindy Sproles is a beloved public speaker who focuses on matters of faith. Now, she writes of the Appalachians and its people with sensitivity and devotion. This labor of love is Cindy’s opus. Cindy writes from the heart about the people she knows, in the place where she lives, all on journeys of faith and ultimately redemption.” —Adriana Trigiani, New York Times best-selling author, Big Stone Gap and Big Cherry Holler

“Like Francine Rivers’s Redeeming Love, Mercy’s Rain is a story of betrayal and suffering and a woman-child’s anger facing the world as a means of survival. It is a story of one man’s use of the word of God to damage and distort, and another man’s expression of God’s love and grace and, yes, mercy beyond measure. Don’t let the hardness of Mercy Roller’s life stop you; read to find the hope at the end.” Jane Kirkpatrick, best-selling author of A Light in the Wilderness
“At once chilling and compelling in its honest portrayal of nineteenth-century mountain life, Mercy’s Rain is a beautifully written story of man’s depravity and God’s mercy. Its pages are filled with memorable characters and gripping scenes, and at its heart is a message you won’t soon forget.” —Ann Tatlock, Christy Award winner and author of Promises to Keep
“Cindy Sproles writes an authentic Appalachian tale of grit and mercy. Her voice is lovely, her story captivating. Cindy Sproles is an author to watch.” Gina Holmes, best-selling and award-winning author of Crossing Oceans and Dry as Rain
“I was blown away by Mercy’s Rain. There are two things I look for in a good story: unique, interesting characters I come to care about and an author’s ability to transport me to the time and location of the story. Cindy Sproles achieves both. Her prose is fresh and captivating, the kind you want to take your time with and savor. And the characters she’s created come to life and hang around in your head long after you’ve finished reading. I’ll definitely be looking for more from her.” Mike Dellosso, author of Darkness Follows, Darlington Woods, Scream, and The Hunted


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