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Draw from the Well of Living Water – Everyone gets thirsty. Everyone seeks refreshment. Go to the well and drop in your bucket. Draw out newness and hope.

Dear God, I’m A Mother – God has a sense of humor and He gave it to mom’s. In this whimsical look at rearing children  mom’s find the common bond between themselves and their children and being a child of God.

Meet God on the Mountain – When the time comes for self-reflection and evaluation there is a path leads to peace and contentment. Meet God on the Mountain walks the path seeking full dependence on God.

Grandma’s Best – There’s nothing better than Grandma’s home cooking. In this fun look at Biscuits, gravy and grits you learn there’s a recipe for a good meal. When we’re children we drink milk, but when mature — we eat ham biscuits and gravy. Learn how to move from milk to meat in your spiritual life.

The Story in Toilet Paper – Which way do you hang your toilet paper – so the paper rolls over the top or from the bottom? There is a story in toilet paper and we’re pretty set in our ways when it comes placing the roll on the holder. It’s time to understand “a heart willing to learn.” Is your way the only way, or does God take presidence?

Thimble full of Grace – Paul prayed that we would know how high, how deep, how wide and how long the love of God is. It’s the same with His grace. A thimble full covers us completely and we can never empty the river of grace He has for us.

Writing Devotions the Christian Devotions Way – Learn the Hook, Book, Look and Took method of writing devotions that strike the heart and move the soul.

Writing as a Ministry – Every one wants a book on the shelves, but few understand the real ministry behind writing. Explore the avenues God can use your writing talents besides a novel. Learn to listen to the call and if you accept, how to show up for work.

The Ten Most Common Writing Blunders – This class teaches new writers how to look for and how to correct the ten most common errors in writing. Covering point of view, resist the urge to explain, dialogue and more, The Ten Most Common Writing Blunders is the perfect way to hone your writing.

Say What? – Attending your first writers conference is like landing in the land of the lost and expecting to be fluent in the language. Writers conferences, like any specialized training situation, has its own lingo. Say What? addresses the lingo heard at conferences and in the publishing world. Walk into class in a daze…walk out enlightened.