October 2020 Newsletter
Sunday, October 18, 2020 by Cindy Sproles

Hello Friends,

I hope this letter finds you well during a really crazy time? This whole Covid-thing has turned us all upside and given us a new normal. If anything, it's giving us a challenge to overcome, and you what? As children of God, we will OVERCOME.

Let me begin by filling you in very quickly on our life here in Tennessee. As you know, my husband developed bladder cancer in September of last year. I won't bore you with the details. . .it's a long drawn out process, but in a nutshell, we ended up at Vanderbilt University Hospital with the leading physician in the WORLD (and the one who developed and perfected the procedure). Everything thing pertaining to this was nothing short of a miracle. The cancer was a very invasive and non-responsive to chemo or radiation type of cancer. The doctor told me as they rolled Tim into surgery, "We'll do our best to pull him through." Not very comforting to say the least, but because we have a God who is merciful and mighty, Tim is CANCER-FREE. We had our six-month visit in July and the doctor told us he would see us in a year...not six-months. So we are grateful for the grace we have been given. Second chances are wonderful. 

Of course, that crossed right over into our book launch for What Momma Left Behind. If that wasn't enough, Covid hit and the world shut down pretty much stifling any hope of any in-person speaking engagements, a book launch with my local book retailer, and the closure of my full travel schedule to conferences. Well, we are not to be undone because I am a person with a glass-half-full. We moved ahead as best we could doing blogs, interviews via ZOOM, and contests. The Revell Marketing staff is amazing and they worked from home, tirelessly to get the word out. I am so grateful for their efforts. My momma always said, "When you got a good thing that teaches the Lord, Satan does his darndest to kick you in the shins." So we kick back. :)

All that to say, things are moving ahead. What Momma Left Behind is getting great reviews. Folks who have never read the Appalachian lingo wiggle in their seats a bit but admit that it really makes the book come alive. (I'm smiling really big when new folks get to experience a taste of the mountains I was raised in.)

I could easily write a regular third-person story and gently use our mountain lingo, but that would be...every day and to me, there is nothing "every day" about the history of these mountains. The people are resilient, tried and true, strong, and friendly. Life in the mountains during the 1800s was NOT EASY. So my stories are not a walk in the park, but they are part of the culture that made my mamaw the woman she was and my momma the innovative and creative, 94-year-old lady she still is. Those things have passed down to me. My life has never been like that of Mamaw's but her strength and teaching reared a family of children and grandchildren who are strong and determined. For that, I am grateful and very proud.

WHAT IS TO COME:  I just signed contract two with the Revell team for another Appalachian Life Novel and that is coming in the future. You can put that in your prayers. Wanna hint - "When is it alright to break a promise, even if it's killing you? Even if you never asked for the burden?" Chew on those questions.

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Much Love,
Cindy K. Sproles, Author






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