In the Midst of Chaos
3/17/2020 10:37:00 AM by: Cindy Sproles

UPDATE: Pathway to full healing…

So, it's been about 2 weeks since I last updated you on this pathway to full healing/cancer free/Vanderbilt. The title keeps getting longer, but isn't that what a path does? Grows longer. Before we know it, it turns into a trail, and then a road and I'm still unsure exactly where it leads. Still it doesn't matter, it's being led by the Maker of all paths.

The update first: Tim is doing very well. He still tires easily but he'd doing great. He now weighs less than me which is disheartening for me but also an incentive. He's eating well and growing stronger by the day. Needless to say, we are grateful.

So when this corona virus hit, of course we were greatly concerned for him because his body is still healing thus placing him in the classification of "at risk". I guess we could have panicked, but we didn't.

Instead we have stood in the face of grace and have done what Paul said, "be content in every circumstance."

I can stand in the midst of this chaos the world faces and find peace and confidence in what I have. I have my husband. God blessed him with healing. I am grateful.

I can sleep in a comfortable bed. Rise to brush my teeth and put on clean clothes.
I can open my refrigerator and fix a meal. In fact, I am so blessed I can cut my meals down to 1 a day if necessary, and even lessen the amount I consume per meal.
I can play with my pets.
Enjoy my family.
I can read and reintroduce myself to the art of oral conversation.
I can open my door and hear the beauty of a bird's song. I can see the emergence of jonquils and in the morning sky I can see the promise of a new day.

Am I inconvenienced? A little. But honestly, is this really so bad? Perhaps time to reconnect is not horrible.

I have stood in the face of losing what I love and yet, God has blessed me. I AM GRATEFUL. I am grateful that in the midst of the news blaring continually at me, the very same information relentlessly, to know that there are thousands who have been stricken and recovered. I am grateful that cancer, though not a bullet we dodged, certainly is thwarted.

Today I think of a song, the amazing Rich Mullins sang…

And that, sweet friends, is why I stand AT ALL. I hope you find peace in this ongoing chaos. And I hope that you turn to the One who holds mankind in his palm. Stand in the promise.

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