Actually the page says “About Cindy,” but it’s really not about me. It’s about those who make me who I am. I’d like to introduce you to those who mean the world to me. My family. Still my webmaster says “IT IS ABOUT YOU.” Can you tell I struggle with this?

Sometime back, I learned the order of priority. God first, family second and career third (Thank you Mary Kay Ash for such wisdom). Keeping that in mind, I strive to keep my Father in heaven as the center of my heart. Even when I fail (and I do) He loves me and works to shape me into the person and servant He’d have me be. I’ve often wondered if it’s worth the effort to be perfect. Guess not here on earth. We can’t possibly please everyone, but in heaven…that’s a different matter. So I can tell you without a doubt, I’m imperfect…filled with flaws for those who choose to seek and POINT them out. I’m a work in progress and grateful God offers me renewal and second chance after second chance…to be His.

God has blessed me with a wonderful family. Without them, I’m not sure where I’d be.  They support me through everything…from receiving my college degree at age 49, to travel for Christian Devotions Ministry,  to my abundance of years writing.

Who could ask for more, than to know your family stands behind your dream? Meet my husband Tim (Mr. Smiles, always pleasant – witty and I’ve been told he was such a good baby that he changed his own diapers.  You decide for yourself on that one – the jury is still out for me!) For a life partner, there is none who compare. Our sons, Chase, Cameron, Trevor  and Justin ( sweet Jamie and our grandson, Declan)- Four fine young men who had the gall to grow up on me. (Bad boys…bad!) Yet, they are FINE young men and I’m so proud of them. We do the best we can as parents to raise our children to walk with Christ. We’ve done that and now daily we pray for them and their personal journeys.

I am an encourager and some tell me…this is to a fault. My eyes choose to see the best in others and my heart wants them all to be successful. When God placed me into ministry with a most unlikely friend, He knew we shared this same “heart” for others. We, my ministry partner, Eddie Jones and me, had a dream. God saw our hearts, and though we laugh and wonder what kind of joke He was playing, we do not question the task of Christian Devotions Ministries God has singled us out to do. In the past few years, we’ve worked together, beneath the headship of a Father who knows and sees all, to develop a ministry that touches lives. God has knit our families together, decorated us with beautiful embellishments of friends and writers who can stand strong where we are weak. We never imagined God would do so much with two mis-fits. But He has.

As a speaker, I love to share my heart and help others delve into their own hearts in search of the Master who knew them before they were formed. I promise I can and will teach you.

As a teacher, I am blessed to travel and teach writing. Between writing myself, the heart for others, and this ministry…God has formed the perfect storm (storm in a good way).

This is who and what I am about.