Cindy K. Sproles is an author and a speaker, whose dream is to do nothing more than craft words that speak from the heart. God's plan seems to be for her to write and teach the craft.  With God’s guidance, Cindy is expanding her horizons. We'll see how He uses her.

Cindy is a mountain gal. Proud of her heritage, she was born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains where life is simple, words have a deep southern drawl, and colloquialisms like, "well slap my knee and call me corn pone" seem to take precedence over proper speech. Apple Butter, coal mining, the river, pink sunrises and golden sunsets help you settle into a porch swing and relax. Family, the love of God and strong morals are embedded into her life in the mountains. Teaching writers, spinning fiction tales about life in the mountains, history and down home ideas find their way into all she does. “I love to write devotions, to seek after the deeper side of Christ and to share the lessons He teaches me from life in the hills of East Tennessee. I am a writer. A speaker. A lover of God's Word and friend to all.” This is Cindy Sproles. Welcome home to the mountains.

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The Heart of God

2/14/2020 7:00:00 PM BY Cindy Sproles

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart
    and my portion forever.
– Psalm 73:26

I’m tired of attending funerals. Tired of seeing tears. Weary of seeing broken hearts. It seems this is becoming the new normal around here.

We attended our fourth funeral in two months – one a week for three weeks and one the month prior. As we walked through the receiving line I said to my husband, “What will she do? They’re attached at the hip. I worry about her well-being now that he is gone.”

I felt the emotion rise in my throat. These funerals were getting to me, especially since my Prince is fighting cancer. The reality of what could be our future choked me.

Our friend was comforted because she knew the victory of the love of her life was safe in God’s arms, snuggled tight against His heart. She comforted us for the pathway she knew we were about to walk. I couldn’t utter a word. My tight lips held back a flood of tears.

I know where our Valentines Day will be spent. In a hospital room at Vanderbilt. I dread it. Between facing this path for Tim, not to mention all the funerals we’ve attended, my heart aches. The thoughts of celebrating a day for hearts and love, just seems . .wrong.

If ever anyone could cry out to God with such passion, it was David. Even at a young age, his writings prove His sensitivity and compassion toward the Lord of All. David was gifted with a gentle heart and the ability to verbalize it to God. In his trials, frustrations, and fear he trusted his heart to God, soaking in the strength to move ahead. God never failed him, and He never fails us. He promises He is our strength. Our fortress. Our refuge. David knew this and believed.  Honestly, I know this as well.

We know God is the strength of our hearts and that His love is unending. All we have to do is reach out and grasp hold. Imagine the healthy portion of His love that awaits us.

This Valentine’s Day be grateful for the love of your heart. Love your husband, your children, your parents but more so, love the strength and portion of God. His love is pure joy. It’s there for the taking, waiting for you. Partake.


*Photo courtesy of www.pixabay.com & danielkirsch