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Teen Take: Evangelism (Clashentertainment.com)

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Photo Credit: clashentertainment.com

Photo Credit: clashentertainment.com

A devo from my friend Rob Cook.

Visit www.clashentertainment.com. Awesome site for your teen. Thanks to Ken Rainey for his hard work to make it perfect.

Teen Take: Evangelism

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By Rob Cook

I use to think that, in order to share Jesus with people, I’d have to approach them about it. If you’ve ever done that or had someone do it to you, it’s awkward, isn’t it? Not to mention the person you approach, nine out of ten times, is going to tune you out and treat you like a psych case. It’s all in how you live—how you act when you’re at work and when you’re hanging out with friends—and having the integrity you claim to have as a Christian.
The one thing that really sparks people’s curiosity is when I don’t swear. On several occasions I’ve been able to share my faith with my co-workers because they want to know why I don’t swear. Then they ask why I’m not out every Friday getting wasted and doing drugs. More often than not, they respect me for what I believe even if they don’t believe themselves.
Instead of preaching, “you’re going to hell,” it’s best to live out your faith. They’ll know we are Christians by our love, not pointing fingers.
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Robert Cook is the Pastor, Founder, and Executive Director of 252 Underground Youth Ministry.

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