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Sand Sayings

Posted by on Sep 20, 2012 in Blog, Christian Growth, Devotions | 1 comment

Photo by ME!

I stretched out on the beach and the sun gently warmed my body. It was soothing. Not hot at all. A soft late summer wind brushed the sand. It wrapped the tender heat of the sun tight against me and for an instant, I was completely at rest…just like God had wrapped His arms around me.

It’s wonderful to let my imagination soar. As much as I love the Father, my inability to see Him physically sometimes resonates in my imagination. I love searching for the words that best describe the God who created me. Gentle, loving, comfortable. Tender, patient, sweet. Strong, faithful, present.

Even when I can’t perfectly describe the love of Christ I can see Him clearly in His creation. And without a doubt, when I laid quietly on the beach, the breeze hugged me like a the loving snuggle of a Father.

The wind blew harder as we sat on the beach and the words I’d drawn in the sand slowly disappeared. Passerbyers read the words and nodded in agreement. When our lives become so busy it’s hard to rest. The world has us in its grasp when we don’t. But when we lift our face toward the gentle breeze we are allowing God to caress our face…love us as only He can love…bring us rest.

The next time you feel the sweep of a breeze across your cheek, stop. Look to the heavens and let Him kiss your nose.

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  1. Wanda

    Outside beholding God’s creation is when I feel closest to Him.

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