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Marble Not!

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God Keeps His Promises

Behold, I am with you and will keep you wherever you go, and will bring you back to this land. For I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you. Genesis 28:15 ESV

“Marble not!” My brother laughed hysterically at a joke about a country preacher who got his facts twisted.

“Country” preachers in the mountains sometimes get their words twisted when they get into that “preachin’ hell-fire and damnation mode.” And this preacher got his marble nots mixed up with his marvel nots.

I thought of that joke as I listened to a shower of speeches during the Republican and Democratic Conventions. There was little to marvel or marble at.

I didn’t sit plastered to the television, hanging on every word, but I heard the speeches wafting through the house while I worked. It was one promise after another and I, just like the remainder of the nation, knew…they’d never be kept.

Men (generically speaking) put little credibility in the value of a promise these days. And when there is no value in the promise, it boils down to a lie.

Parents promise their children a good life with little discipline. Teens slip tiny rings on their fingers, promising their love when they haven’t a clue about love. Politicians promise no more tax increases, more jobs, and on and on. All nothing more than empty words…lies.

Not God. God makes good on every promise He makes. The wonderful thing is He doesn’t just make good on it once. His promises are good through eternity. He promised His son. He sent Him. We still have Christ and we always will. God promised us rest in Him and it’s there if we release hold of the anguish and fall into His promise. Two thousand years later…God’s promises still ring true.

Want a few more? Try forgiveness. Grace. Hope. Peace. Love. Salvation. Eternal life… and the list continues. Just as God made good on His promise to Jacob, He faithfully upholds those He’s made to us.

Our little preacher friend was referring to John 3:7: “Marvel not …” Whether he had all his marbles when he got wound up in his preaching is another matter. All I know is, it’s no surprise. God is a God of His word. When He makes a promise He is with us to the bitter end.

Election time approaches. Put your trust in the one who never breaks a promise.

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