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Christians With the Heart of a Servant – Anna McCarthy

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Author Anna McCarthy shares her unique story with me. Welcome Anna and thank you.

CS:  Tell me about yourself.
Did you grow up in a Christian home?

AM: Yes, I grew up in a great Christian home.

CS: How did you come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ?

AM: I was saved as a young child and have had a relationship with the Lord for all of my adult life. Yet, my relationship with the Lord matured to a much deeper level in my early twenties, when I found myself a divorced, single mom, wrestling with scars from sexual abuse and domestic violence.
CS: Tell me about your family?

AM:  Throughout my life, my family has consistently been my rock. I am so blessed to have them and am so thankful for the foundation they laid for me in my walk with Christ. My mother is a world-traveled ballet dancer who owns Dramatic Truth Ministries, a Christian Arts School. My dad is a professional drummer, who was most known for touring with Barbara Mandrell for many years. They both are passionate about the Lord and ministering through the arts! I have a younger brother who is currently touring with a Dove Award Nominated Christian band, Satellites and Sirens. I am happily married to my husband Zac, who owns a print and marketing company and we enjoy our three daughters.

CS:  Being an East Tennessean, I’m very familiar with Barbara Mandrell and her sisters. It’s a small world. So neat to know your dad played in Barbara Mandrell’s band. Her sister, Louise, has a home near Pigeon Forge, TN. For several years she had a show there.  Again, a small world.

CS: Do you have another job?

AM: I am a full time mom to my three girls (ages 9, 3, 2) and am very involved in the school our oldest attends. I am the founder of my new ministry, Voice of One, and am a licensed hairstylist who still occasionally does hair for friends and family.

CS: Full-time momming is a full-time job in itself. Even outside the ministry and your cosmetology, being a mom is probably the most important. So, tell me nhow has God worked in your life?

AM: After finally opening up to my family about the abuse I had endured as a child and as an adult, I struggled with how to overcome the wounds I had tried so hard to push aside. I came to the realization that I couldn’t “fix” myself or my broken life. For 3 years I embarked on a journey with the Lord of researching everything His Word had to say about betrayal, abuse and mistreatment. Through that process, He not only healed and restored me – He completely set me free. I saw a side of God I had never known before. Through the powerful work of Jesus, I was able to supernaturally forgive those who had hurt me and even come to a place of loving them. I have now committed my life to sharing the powerful message of hope and healing through Jesus.

CS: When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

AM: Writing has always been my “release”. I go through at least one journal a month! I really fell in love with writing in high school and have been passionate about it since.
CS:  Do you have a passion for a specific mission…ie I work with the elderly. Is there something that you love to do and support with your time and efforts regularly?

AM:Yes, those who are broken and hurting. I founded Voice of One Ministries and wrote “Forgiveness is Not an Option: A Journey to Freedom and Healing” for this very purpose. I also volunteer at our church on the alter prayer and care team, praying with, mentoring and encouraging those who are hurting.

CS:  How do you give back to God?

AM: I am committed to being in ministry as long as He has me serving!
CS:  Tell us about your book and when does it release?

AM: Forgiveness Is Not an Option: A Journey to Freedom and Healing, walks the reader through the entire process of forgiveness, from the onset of hurt, to why broken people break others, God’s perspective of betrayal and heartache, forgiveness, loving our enemies, healing and restoration. It released in June 2012.

CS:  How did God lay this book on your heart to write?

AM: I journaled constantly through my own personal forgiveness journey. In the midst of that process, the Lord showed me that what I was writing was the making of a book.
CS: Tell us about your day…when you write. Do you have a method or routine?

AM: My days consist of everything a normal busy mom does! From the minute I wake up I am changing diapers, making breakfast, packing lunches, checking homework, volunteering at school, doing laundry, taking the girls to soccer games and ballet classes before crashing into bed at night. I can honestly say that the fact I was able to write and complete a book last year was a divine work of the Lord! A lot of my writing comes out of my quiet time with Him and He continues to be faithful to carve out time for “us”. Whether it be during nap time, after the kids are in bed or in the middle of the night waking up with words swirling in my head, He continues to be faithful to make time for this busy mom to write.

CS: Do you have a website or blog?

AM: My ministry’s website is: www.voiceofone.net. My book page on my publisher’s website is http://ambassador-international.com/books/forgiveness-is-not-an-option.
CS:  What’s up next for you?

AM:  I am really excited to be teaching on the subject of forgiveness. I have enjoyed the speaking engagements I have had and am excited to do more! I am writing more and have another book in the works as well.
CS: Is there anything specific you’d like us to cover? ie speaking engagements, great news, up coming books.

AM: Yes, The Forgiveness Project which is an 11-week church wide study of the book, “Forgiveness Is Not an Option.” Our ministry has created a church kit tailored to bring The Forgiveness Project to churches. It comes complete with small group leader study guides, a fully prepared 11-week sermon series, DVDs packed with powerful testimonies of forgiveness and a lot more. Bulk discounts of the book are currently available through my publisher Ambassador International.

Check out Anna’s book. It’s available now. It’s a true gift.


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